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FSM : File Security ManagerFile Security Manager

Robust, configurable, file and directory permissions management.

If companies worked only with centralized, structured data, access & file management would be a breeze. But that's not a reality. Most companies have to deal with unstructured data in order to keep people productive and daily company goals on track. And when data is created from numerous sources, it is largely outside the control of the IT staff. Combine decentralized data with end-user permissions management, and suddenly you've got some real issues.

File Security Manager makes it easy to get a handle on the management of file ownership when you first use it and over time.
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License GuardLicense Guard

License key generator and encryption system for secure online software purchasing & trial downloads.

A plug and play, feature rich, secure licensing technology. Enabling software developers to offer their products online securely without risk of piracy and with the flexibility to allow and enforce time enforced trial licenses.

License Guard allowing software developers to focus on their solutions and time-to-market schedules, without the distraction of how to create a secure licensing engine for it.
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