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License Guard

License key generator and encryption system for secure online software purchasing & trial downloads.

License Guard was originally built by DTS to secure our own products from software piracy. When we first decided to release our products as packaged products we surveyed the market in search for a modular, feature rich licensing technology that would allow us to curtail blatant piracy while not dragging us down the arms race that can occur when software companies fixate on security over developing their own products.

The unfortunate answer came back that other than some hardware dongle based solutions and a couple of white papers on generating licensing keys using GUIDs, there really wasn't anything out on the market that met this vital need. It seems that most of the software world is baking their own, running naked or making huge compromises in the interest of expediency.(not necessary) In realizing this we decided to leverage our extensive experience in the security space including heavy doses of hacking and cryptography to solve the problem once and for all not just for DTS, but for any company who finds themselves looking for a plug and play licensing technology that is feature rich and highly customizable. The result is License Guard.

Customers interested in License Guard should contact us for a free consultation. As you will certainly understand we are not willing to outline the entire architecture of the product in public as even the most secure systems are diminished when overexposed. For that reason each implementation of License Guard with each of our customers is unique and leverages licensing elements choosen from a wide array of options such as activate on install, editions, versioning, trial editions, machine name licensing, time limited licensing and more.

To protect the underlying technology and to make the experience of supporting your customer licenses as easy as possible your custom licenses will be generated by our online system and integrated into your provisioning process with online tracking of licenses issued, reporting on many business critical licensing statistics we assemble as the system does its work. You can even delegate license creation to your partners and resellers with role based system that allows for custom configurations such as Users in GroupX can only create time limited licenses good for 30 days or less. There is no limit to how deeply you can customize the solution.

Now more than ever software manufacturers must take steps to protect their products, according to the Business Software Alliance 43% of all software in use is pirated which means that for every $100 of your product you sell on average $75 worth of it is used without paying you for your trouble. With License Guard DTS is hoping to help you cut that statistic significantly.

License Guard allowing software developers to focus on their solutions and time-to-market schedules, without the distraction of how to create a secure licensing engine for it.

License Guard